Hi there, I’m Dr Pritchard

I’m passionate about behavior science, a professor of the same, and an entrepreneur looking for new, exciting ventures!

What I can do.

I leverage the science of behavior, my knowledge of technology, and my passion to help make the world a better place to lay a path to success for those who join my team!


If you see me with a bowtie and a grin – you know where I’m going, or where I’ve just been.  As a professor, I have a job where I can merge my passion for teaching with my love of science and continuously refine my coursework!


Give me someone with passion about our science and let’s begin the process!  I love to mentor students in my lab as well as through the BAM network.  I approach mentorship by facilitating my student’s interests, providing a little guidance, but trying to foster independence with a functional contextual bent.


I enjoy tinkering with the latest technology.  Check out our lab space to see our newest toys and how we are imagining they may impact behavioral sciences!


I own several companies.  I’m interested in taking behavioral techniques into new areas, and this requires entrepreneurial strategies.  I’m always looking for new ideas.  If you have any, reach out!

A few of my skills

As a behavioral scientist, my top skill is to apply the scientific method to what I do. In addition, I have several areas that I focus my energies and in which I have developed unique skills.


The Lab

I strive to create a unique place for my graduate students and other like-minded professionals to have a physical place to meet and develop ideas and research strategies.

Latest Project

Working in conjunction with a computer science team, we will be bringing our lab to the world. Using open-source arduino, robotics, video streaming, and VNC tunneling, we will offer remote access to our fishlab to anyone with internet.

  • Automated Fish Lab
  • Remote Access
  • Video Feeds
  • MED-PC Enabled
  • Animals Provided

Lets work together

I’m always happy and excited to discuss new projects. If you need help on your web projects or feel like your brand needs something fresh. Let me know.

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